Meet Ruth Willows

She might have been born back East, but she found her heart in the West. At age ten, Ruth’s family moved from their upstate New York suburban home to the family’s Tall Willows Ranch in Golden Valley, Colorado. Ruth was not happy about being uprooted. Soon she found a love for her Grand-daddy’s horses, a special bond with her grandfather, and a love of the West. Now at age seventeen, she has grown into a tall, intelligent, beautiful young woman who’s ready to take on the world.


Featured Characters


Joe Willows

Patriarch of the Willows family, consummate member of the Kiwanis Club, and proud owner of Tall Willows Horse Ranch, Joe is an active and spry 72 years young. Tall and lanky, his blonde hair has turned white and his skin is well-tanned and weathered from seven decades of working out in the elements. Still a very attractive man, the ladies eyed him on Sunday morning during church, especially since his wife, Loretta, has passed.


Paloma Torres

They met in fourth grade, and ever since Paloma Torres and Ruth Willows have been best friends. Paloma's looks are the antithesis of Ruth's. Ruth is tall and blonde while Paloma is petite with dark brown curls. Don’t let her size fool you, Paloma is no pushover. She can be perky and sweet, but she can also be persistent, protective, and fierce. As much as Ruth loves her horses, Paloma loves journalism and longs to be an investigative reporter.


Ken Silver

Ken grew up riding, roping, and cutting cattle with his best-horse Remington. He took Rem with him to college in California to continue their fun. Ken studied but always made time for Rem.
Ken also grew up into a handsome young man with a killer smile and oozing sex-appeal. He’s always had quite the following of ladies, but he might be ready for someone a little more special.

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